Jordanian Royal Court: Article ‘The Atlantic’ on King contained fallacies

Oman: Mohamed Da’ma
A source familiar with the Jordanian Royal Court, that article (interview), to be published magazine «The Atlantic» U.S., and leaked some details about King Abdullah II, and cited some of the international media, Arab and local, yesterday, «contained many inaccuracies, was Directed things in their proper context.
The source added in a press statement, yesterday, said that «article contains analyzes reflected the view of the writer, and information attributed to King Abdullah II, is inaccurate and Secretary», pointing out that the meeting the Jordanian monarch with writer came in the context of display vision comprehensive reform. And keen not to waste opportunities to achieve concrete results to move forward in Jordan on the path of development and modernization, in order to respond to the aspirations of Jordanians to a better future where the values ​​of justice, tolerance and equality of opportunity, accountability and responsibility.

The source of pride King all Jordanians, and all state agencies and institutions, and honestly affiliation, and awareness of the challenges facing the nation at home and abroad.

The source that the descriptions used by its author in his article had been dropped in a manner contrary to the truth and reality, stressing faith King that durability and consistency of the internal front is the basis to move forward in the process of construction and development, pointing out that the King highly appreciates the role of elders and notables and young tribal homeland in cities and villages and Boade building camps in Jordan and to defend its gains and achievements.

With regard to what was stated in the report, written by Jeffrey Goldberg American journalist known about Jordanian relations with leaders of some sisterly and friendly countries, between the source that Jordanian relations with these countries are distinguished relations dominated respect and mutual trust, stressing keenness to develop them in all areas, through Permanent coordination with leaders and presidents, who had them all the respect and appreciation.


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