Moroccan security alert is unprecedented on the border with Algeria and Mauritania

Moroccan security alert is unprecedented on the border with Algeria and Mauritania

Moroccan security alert is unprecedented on the border with Algeria and Mauritania

Concerns in Rabat from the infiltration of fighters fled from Mali

Casablanca: Hassan convincingly
Morocco raised the degree of security alert on the borders with Algeria and Mauritania in anticipation of the leak ‘jihadi elements’ fled northern Mali after the intervention of French troops and African. These actions coincide, is unprecedented, with the Algerian authorities throwing a week before the arrest of cells hover around suspicions on providing assistance for fighters fleeing the war in Mali even sneak into Algerian territory.
Sources close access to Asharq Al-Awsat that the Moroccan security services have conducted investigations with a group affiliated with the mainstream «jihadist Salafist who were called and listen to them and then released without being charged, which was regarded as a step up.

According to the same sources, there is concern great fighters infiltrating militants fled from Mali to Morocco, and fears of moving «sleeper cells» to carry out terrorist attacks in Moroccan territory, especially after the appeal of the «Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb» in a statement the latter, which is the first statement issued by the organization since the start of the African military intervention and the French in Mali. The Moroccan authorities arrested since the beginning of this year on several networks to recruit fighters and sending them to Mali and Syria.

And traded Salafi jihadist circles in Morocco in recent days shows videos Moroccan recruits in Syria, Mali, carrying weapons or participate in the battles, and used by affiliates of the jihadist movement in the promotion and advertising of the Jihad in Mali and Syria.

In the opinion of some Moroccan sources that the threat posed by jihadists fleeing from Mali for Morocco weak compared with Algeria and Mauritania, on the grounds that Morocco has no common borders directly with Mali reverse it for Algeria and Mauritania. The sources ruled out being able to «jihadists» fleeing from Mali to penetrate the border Algerian and Mauritanian, known guarded by the army, before they reach the borders of Morocco, known turn in preparation and anticipation is unprecedented, adding that the coalition African – French, who is running the military campaign in Mali narrow down on militant groups there. The sources pointed out that the war in northern Mali not receive extensive media coverage contributes to provoke and incite supporters pay Jihadist Salafist movement and youth Naqm to volunteer to fight there, as is the case for Syria.

Abdullah believes ramie, Moroccan researcher at the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies and a specialist in Islamic groups, said that «the failure of al Qaeda to find a foothold in Morocco due smacks received by Moroccan security, and the siege of the arbitrator who was beaten on the jihadi elements.

The proposal: «This policy puts Morocco in a convenient location about the dangers posed by the repercussions of the war in Mali. And increased explaining that senior officials at the base of the Islamic Maghreb, led by Abdelmalek Droukdel, the leader of the organization itself, stated their inability to create channels linking and coordination and logistical support with elements Salafist jihadist in Morocco because of security surveillance continuing that prevented the success of any initiative to create a stretch regulatory told « Qaeda in Morocco, as it succeeded in confining the Jihadist Salafist movement within ungovernable and control. And increased effort, saying: «cases that came from Morocco to Mali individual cases, and in the framework of very small groups other than what we have seen in Mauritania and Algeria. They find it hard to return to Morocco, because of the security authorities to monitor them in addition to the lack of an incubator or organized networks and strong as in Algeria, where the top leadership of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The number of Moroccans among the leaders in the field in the coast are very few, as they prepare to tiptoe, compared with the Algerian and Mauritanian leaders.

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