Yemeni President: abroad to resolve his command and will not accept a war or fighting in the country

Yemeni President: abroad to resolve his command and will not accept a war or fighting in the country

Sanaa: Arafat Mdabash
Led the members of the comprehensive national dialogue in Yemen, yesterday, was sworn in on the second day of the plenary session of the conference, participants chanted Yemenis behind the smallest member of the conference and collectively.
And began the national dialogue effectively in a plush hotel in the capital Sanaa, headed by President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, head of the National Dialogue Conference and prior to the first plenary, met Hadi and his UN envoy, Gamal bin Omar members of the Presidency of the conference was coordinated positions on preside over the meetings and management.

And raised at the first plenary words and positions of the parties and political movements participating in the conference, at which time escalated positions reject the participation of some of those accused of involvement in the killing of youth revolution during protests that toppled former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The president said Hadi presided over the first plenary of the Conference of the dialogue that takes place in the light of the Gulf initiative and its Mechanism Executive that the meeting should know that there is no way, only the success of their conference only and there is no place for failing, in light of information on the withdrawal of many members of Congress, and attributed Hadi those withdrawals to «political reasons», and said that the conferees to get out by, rather than come to them from the outside, and added: It is important to «evoke in every moment we entered this room to get out of them by the Yemeni-made national flavor to our problems historical chronic and not more crises and problems, Whenever you were able to develop appropriate solutions and correct, you you will be so has yourselves solutions Staticm from abroad, which settled his decision international preventing conflict or war in this country, which makes us keen to deal seriously with this first conference of its kind in the history of Yemen contemporary preparation and preparation and configuration and methodology », adding that« We never – we Yemenis – that we prepare for a national conference comprehensive such scientific methods of preparation and evoke experiences near and far to take advantage of them, so the chances of success are available if ratified intentions and check sincerity, honesty and loyalty to the homeland ».

He warned the Yemeni president he described as «mutzlqa», he «Whatever may keen some to be Tzlqa the rest of his colleagues for bad intentions Vladrick that time will statement reality, this hall will mirror that will see people from which all parties concerned for what they are without makeup or decorative false, because the moment of truth has sounded the wheel and will go forward you or without you.

Sources confirmed Yemeni political informed that President Hadi and his crew and sponsors of the national dialogue and political settlement in Yemen directing intense pressure on the success of the process of dialogue, because «there have been many attempts and accelerated to disrupt the national dialogue and thwarted» and added sources told «Middle East» that «announced withdrawal and other attempts miserable aims to obstruct dialogue and sow dissension within the corridors of Congress, its committees and participants and posts inside », and that these forces« are seeking to block a political settlement existing in Yemen and thus will not subside and accept dialogue language and a means to reach political solutions easily », sources confirmed Yemeni «strong rhetoric used by President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi confirms beyond any doubt that powered territories and internationally to reach a political settlement to safety and take action as it deems appropriate to set aside any obstacles, according to those sources.

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